Who Is Ismo?

My real name is Raymond, Im from Puerto Rico, I love Pokemon, People say im a great dude, that I'm very opened minded and that I'm a cool person to just sit, talk and have a nice time, or to go partying with. Btw not to brag but I have the coolest friends which I'm very grateful to have.


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I Like:

Anime, Animals, Apple, Beach, Cars, Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, And A Bunch Of Other Stuff..

This Tumblr Is All About What I Like And What Goes In My Mind. Anything You Would Like To Know About Me, Feel Free To Ask!


My Mighty Morphin Friends:

iZeus | Kushy | Andy Pandy | JuliBoobs
Optimus prime Bumblebee Digimon



Digimon was sooo much better than Pokemon. 


Digimon was sooo much better than Pokemon. 

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